Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Damn the bloggers! Ban them!

So it begins! Apparently police want to "ban" blogs that are breaching the no-publication court order regarding alleged arsonist Brendan Sokaluk:

Victoria Police want to ban messages being posted on internet blogs about accused firebug Brendan Sokaluk.

The publication of Sokaluk's street address and his image has been banned by a court but members of the public have been freely publishing those details on the internet.
Police move to ban blogs on accused firebug The Age 17 February 2009
If it's illegal then prosecutions may be in order. Imagine trying to ban individual blog posts. Like chasing the winds. Perhaps Senator Stephen Conroy's office might have some ideas on how we might deal with rogue bloggers. Add them to the ACMA list perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

Free speech is one thing but when a blog either compromises a case before the courts or a person is defamed then I see no reason why the people responsible should be held to account.

Are you aware of the case brought against the Courier Mail by a blogger who was defamed by another blogger?

Blog hosts should inquire about the legal ramifications as they could end up in litigation that could be very expensive...that is how rogue blogs will be dealt with in the future as no person is above the law!

Jack the Insider has let on that there is change in the air and the Australian is wary of publishing links.

I was defamed the other week and have instructed my lawyers to commence legal action against the person involved as my reputation has been tarnished and I have suffered depression as a direct result!

Since the precedent has now been set expect more litigation in the future.

A person who runs a blog saying that it is a non-moderated blog will learn it is no excuse in the eyes of the law!

Unknown said...

Yes. But our laws has yet to catch up with the internet and our friends/adversaries the bloggers. With an email address anyone can set up a blog and play hide and seek.

Anonymous said...

Very true, Kevin, a classic example was when a spammer was giving my website grief.

With the help of my webmaster we tracked the address to Vietnam and there lies the problem!

This is where this web filtering comes in, I believe this could be the underlying motive behind all this, the problem being it affects the many because of the few.

Kind of like the blog I'll be kicking off this week at my web site, I will be moderating the posts to ensure the spoilers don't skew the topic as seen on many open sites.

Hope you pop in now and then.

Unknown said...

Let us know when you launch the new blog.

I don't get enough comments here to worry about moderation unless it's spam. The cross-posts at blogocrats reach a bigger audience in Australia and get lively debate but it doesn't seem to needed filtering either.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, it's up but there is more to be done to get it the way I want.


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