Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cinema Takes: Doubt

I've started a new Film Review blog for cine philes amongst us:
Cinema Takes. It consolidates all the previous posts. The latest crit is:cinematakes1

Doubt: the power of words

A sample:

Both the film’s strengths and its weaknesses stem from its origin as a play. Most of the real action happens off-camera, reinforcing the mystery. The story is confined to the school and its immediate Bronx neighbourhood. The power is in the dialogue, with Sister Aloysius Beauvier as the focal point for most of the fiery exchanges.

Despite her depiction as “the dragon”, Streep’s Sister Aloysius is too soft compared with the ghosts who haunt my educational childhood memories. Hoffman’s nice guy has us wondering throughout the movie why he became a priest. Aloysius asks him the same question for more sinister reasons.
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