Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Week for Samson and Delilah

Good news for one of the best Australian films of 2009. Samson & Delilah will available on DVD next week and ABC1 will telecast it on Sunday 22 November at 8.30pm.

This comes on top of director Warwick Thornton's selection as the Northern Territory's Australian of the Year.

Don't miss the film. Every Australian should see it!

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kmac said...

Amongst other insights, Samson and Delilah showed me for the first time in a real way the benefits of buying aboriginal art "ethically." Its been frustrating, getting a sense that there are lots of subtleties to the issue which are hard to understand at a gut level, however you could see how easy it is to exploit an artist in a remote community, how an aboriginal run art centre might have benefited that community in terms of occupation and employment and a sense of shared purpose, not to mention dignity. I imagine that too is an idealised view- there could be infighting and competition!
What does seem clear from my investigations so far is that art centres are producing some sensational artworks.
Just wanted to share!

Kevin Rennie said...


Our experiences (2003-6) of the Maningrida Arts Centre were all positive.

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