Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brumby the Born Again Leader

We haven't voted in a Victorian State election since 1996 when John Brumby unsuccessfully lead the ALP opposition against Jeff Kennett. Life under Jeff was probably one of the minor factors in our decision to head to the top end. Swings and landslides have brought a new political landscape.

Apart from the perennial branch stacking debate, yesterday's Labor State Conference seems to have had little heat. The real political discussion would have taken place at the lunchtime Fringe Program:

Has the ALP moved too far from its union roots?
Who is more out of touch – politicians or journalists?
Next steps in climate change policy
Couldn't get there but feedback from those who did would be appreciated.

Unlike many unelected State Premiers such as Alan Carpenter and Nathan Rees, Brumby inherited a united party. According to the last opinion poll he has built on this. It appears that he may do an Anna Bligh and get a comfortable majority of his own at next year's poll.

Source: Brumby soaring high: poll The Age 22 Nov 2009

But as South Australian premier Mike Rann can attest, take nothing for granted.

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