Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hunger Strike Against Climate Change

As preliminary negotiations broke up at Barcelona with pessimism, focus has switched to some traditional passive resistance that's going on. According to the Climate Justice Fast:

Ordinary people from Tegucigalpa to Toronto are choosing to go hungry from today until at least the end of the Copenhagen climate summit – more than 40 days – as part of a global hunger strike to 'wake the world up to reality'.
Has to be some sort of irony that it apparently started on Oz:
Climate Justice Fast was started in Australia, and has grown to include people from all ages and walks of life in the US, the UK, India, France, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Honduras, Bhutan, New Zealand, and the Philippines. It begins at the conclusion of the Barcelona talks and is set to continue throughout the Copenhagen summit.
There hasn't been much headline coverage in the mainstream media yet. The Herald Sun picked it up yesterday:
PAUL Connor says he's worried about the hunger strike he's just started, but he's much more scared about the prospect of world leaders refusing to seriously tackle climate change.

Mr Connor, 29, insists he'll only drink water from now until an agreement is struck at global climate talks in Copenhagen starting on December 7.
Man begins climate change hunger strike in Canberra Herald Sun 6 Nov 2009

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