Monday, November 23, 2009

Channel 7 Sleaze as Journalism

I didn't watch last night's revelations about the private life of South Australian Premier Mike Rann. I could say who cares but we should care about this kind of reporting. Perhaps it's time that others started publishing the sex lives of journalists. Then we might hear some real debate about privacy and ethics.

Paid, published and damned!

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Barossa Observer said...

Absolutely agree with you here.

I saw it because I wanted to make my own judgement about her and her story.

Nothing of any real interest was exposed: she, as a married woman, had sex with a single man.

She assuaged her guilt by telling all her friends about it in such an indiscreet way her young son overheard her.

She then decided that she hadn't done enough damage to this child and that she needed to sell her story on national television and in a nationally syndicated magazine to ensure that all his school friends know about it as well.

Sheesh. One person came out of this looking really bad, and it wasn't Mike Rann ...

Kevin Rennie said...

Only one. What about the reporters?

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