Monday, August 9, 2010

Abbott-Truss Government No Laughing Matter

Oz Politcs as Standup Comedy

Glib one liners are no substitute for political ideas. Punchlines don't replace policies. Tony Abbott has the gall to accuse Labor of "gutless spin". Campaigning should not be a reality show, mixing nastiness with big new lies or slick distortions.

It's the child of the advertising ethos: repeat the mantra often enough and people will change brands.

Tony Abbott and Warren Truss (he's the alternative Prime Minister) have turned political debate into farce.

Their idea of government is cutting programs: national broadband, e-Health, schools and infra-structure. Truss' roads promise is a perfect example. It mocks their 11 year inaction in this area and their opposition to the mining tax that would help to pay for it.

Do we want another decade of wasted opportunities? An Abbott/Truss government would be no laughing matter.

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