Friday, August 6, 2010

Julia versus Tony: who's behaved better?

A guest on ABC Radio National Life Matters program just said in a non-political context:

The best predictor of future behaviuor is past behaviour.
Interesting criterion to apply to our leaders. Forget the control of the campaign, what can we learn from their past actions and attitudes.

Who are the real Julia and Tony. The new campaign Julia is really the old one. The one that was welcomed when she took over the country.

The real Tony hasn't been seen much this election season. He's suddenly a moderate who can smooth over his climate change denial, his lacklustre ministerial years in immigration, industrial relations and health. His notorious insensitivity. His lack vision or any real plan for Australia.

I've already voted so the rest of you can do your homework on which leader has been and will be better behaved. I'm off to Malaysia with Th!nk3: Developing World for the week before election day. Get back 8 PM on Saturday. Will definitely be suffering campaign withdrawal DTs on the flight home.

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