Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Andrew Robb's Tax-funded Junk Mail

It's the fourth piece of election junk mail from our local member for Goldstein, Andrew Robb. He's the shadow finance minister. His claim to fame this week is that he knows more about Broadband than Tony Abbott.

The latest Robb Report is a party political attack on the "Rudd-Gillard government".

We've heard a lot from Robb about wasting taxpayers money. What hypocrisy! The pamphlet has the following:

The material has been produced by Andrew Robb MP using his printing and communications entitlement.

Taxes, in other words!

It's a blatant piece of electioneering that should be paid for with Liberal Party funds. It's irrelevant if other members of parliament from other parties do the same. It's a disgraceful rort. He's right about one thing - there is a need for real change. This blatant propaganda would be a good start.

The part that tickles me most is the pretence of having a local focus. The only local article is one on funding of the Bentleigh Cricket Club under a Coalition initiated Volunteers Grants program.

He's given up taking credit for local schools projects since his miserable attacks on the stimulus program. I posted about this rank opportunism last year: Andrew Robb's Wanton Waste

All mention of these types of projects has been removed from his website. Have to wonder if he still attends the opening of new Science classrooms or the like in Goldstein.

PS Andrew, please stop ignoring our junk mail sign!

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