Friday, April 11, 2008

Al Gore: It's not just changing lightbulbs

Al Gore's latest talk and slideshow is brought to us by TED, an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design.

In it he argues for "a higher level of consciousness, a change in commitment, a new sense of urgency, a new appreciation for the privilege that we have of undertaking this challenge" of global warming.

We must not just "change the lightbulbs, but change the laws."

He asks the question: How dare we be optimistic? It's worth the 28 minutes to find out why Al Gore thinks the answer should be yes.

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Chervil said...

I totally agree. Have you had a look at Lester Brown's "Plan B"? This is worth reading, as he really spells out the challenges ahead and where we must focus our attention to find solutions.

Kevin Rennie said...

Plan B will be weekend reading. Like Green Living. Great minds...

Anonymous said...

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