Thursday, April 17, 2008

Incentives for green bags

This can't be an original idea but here goes. Instead of a dis-incentive scheme for plastic bags we should try an incentive scheme. No charge for the plastic bag but a discount or refund for using your own bags.

Haven't seen anyone else use a green bag at the supermarkets in Broome for weeks if not months and we're on the lookout. How about a refund from Coles and Woolworths for the bags we don't use? Let the plastic bag users pay more for their groceries so that we don't have to pay for something we don't want.

Might help others to bring those bags from home.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose cynically speaking there is nothing in it for the supermarkets if they were to do such a thing. In contrast, there's something in it for them if they either charge for plastic bags or sell us crappy "green" bags.

But I think its a good alternative approach worth trying - would probably need government backing though to get off the ground.

Unknown said...

We were spoiled in Maningrida which was plastic bag free for the most part. The two main shops used paper bags which are much easier to recycle and re-use.

amphibious said...

Oh Peter where art thou? Yesterday the erstwhile ACF prez and rampaging rocker said re plastic bags "... an urgent working committee needs to be established."
Is this a case for a "Paul is Dead" examination? This can't be the same sweat soaked Garrett, the law graduate, this is some homunculus bred in a vat in some crzed secret labority.

Unknown said...

For working party read "lock the parties in a padded cell until they come out with an answer". It's probably no coincidence that SA has the only beverage container deposit laws. I suspect they don't manufacture plastic bags either.

Anonymous said...

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