Monday, September 1, 2008

Bush says it won't happen again, again

George W.Bush has vowed that the Hurricane Katrina debacle won't happen again. The powers of hindsight!

Of course he has indicated often enough that Iraq would happen again even without the W.'s Mass Deceptions.

A short list of things we wish hadn't happened on Bush's watch:

* 9/11
* the Iraq invasion and occupation
* the sub-prime economic crisis
* Kyoto denial and inaction on global warming
* the erosion of U.S. goodwill around the world
* impotence in responding to the slaughter in the Sudan, Myanmar and Zimbabwe etc.

Despite Hurricane Gustav's possible impact on the Republican convention in Mississippi, John McCain must be thanking the heavens that neither Bush or Dick Cheney will be attending so that they can be on standby for any repeat of the Louisiana 2005 disaster. Including the political one.

Please add to the list in comments.

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