Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Waiting on the West

A revised version of How the West was Lost, my blog post about the Western Australian election results is online at New Matilda. A week is along time in politics, especially for Alan Carpenter and Colin Burnett.

An ALP/National government would be exciting according to Carpenter. For those of us with long memories, scary would be a better word. Anyway I think the Nats will support Barnett after getting the most blood out of the situation. They’re just playing the political game very cleverly.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin, the Nats polled pretty well in the north of the state where they previously have done poorly.

I think they attracted votes from Labor and minor parties because of their "royalties for regions" policy.

They won upper house seats based on that.

Brendon Grylls will take that into account, and so should Labor.

Anonymous said...

When having to deal with the Nats to form a Govt. neither of the major parties are entitled to claim 'victory'.I can't help but feel that after the rodent years of state to state Labor voters will ensure that there is a balance. Rodent ensured that the state oppositions floundered because it suited him politically.A change in the Federal Govt. made all the Labor state govs vulnerable. Pity it was Carpenter though, I thought he was far better than the rag tag that governs NSW.

Kevin Rennie said...

Thanks Michael. Haven't looked closely at the Upper House yet.

Totally agree, Robynne.

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