Friday, September 5, 2008

Clear alternatives in US election

Sarah Palin delivers a speech very well. So does George W. Bush. Apparently she was responsible for the pit-bull line.

Barack Obama writes very good speeches as well as delivering them.
I know whose finger I'd want on the nuclear button.

And then there is their positions on issues.

Gives voters a clear alternative.


An excellent post at Duckpond STATING THE OBVIOUS. An excerpt:

Some of us actually own dogs, and perhaps know something of pit bulls. Since they made the comparison - and why did not the speech writers see this or similar coming - it could be said, “Even without the lipstick, we know a fake when we see one”. Not that I would make those implied aspersions against any person, not least Governor Palin, preferring the discipline of separating what the person says and does, from the person.

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