Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Altona By-election Battles On

Transport and law 'n order have always been the main game in this Saturday's Altona by-election in Victoria. They will certainly be at top of the list at November's State election.

WHILE the Altona by-election war of words heated up between the two main parties last week, nominees continued to campaign heavily on the issue of public transport in the West.
ALP candidate Jill Hennessy said she believed the state of public transport was good, but could always be improved.

However, Liberal Party candidate Mark Rose said the state of public transport in Victoria was an “absolute joke.”
Transport battle (Williamstown, Altona, Laverton Star 9 Feb 2010)
Despite the relatively low profile of the campaign and predictions of a low turnout, some pundits are expecting a higher than average by-election swing against the Brumby government. Expect lots of spin either way on Sunday.

More at Red Bluff.

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