Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Little Bit of Climate Science

Another report that is bound to get the hackles up of the climate sceptics and deniers: 'Climate Change Update 2009' from the Research Service of the Victorian Parliamentary Library.

It was produced in December so it's bound to have some flaws. Given the weight of evidence, it certainly is a massive conspiracy by scientists to bring about dictatorial world government.

Their thoughts:

One of the key notions to emerge in the science this year has been the understanding that, far from being an event that can be transformed in one or two generations, climate change is a process of centuries duration. The implications of this understanding for the development of policy are immense.
Climate change update 2009
For the dedicated sceptic, it must be an onerous task sifting through the very extensive list of publications in the References section. Perhaps they'd be better off doing some science of their own. Not!

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