Monday, February 8, 2010

Kowanyama Dreaming

Not your average police station wall. This painting by Colin Higgins (2002) is in Kowanyama aboriginal community on Queensland's Cape York.

It's great country:

Photos: Courtesy of Heather Milton

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Siri said...

Dear Kevin,

I'm not commenting on your post, but I'm contacting you after reading a quote in the Sydney Morning Herald from 2006, concerning Cyclone Monica:

"Here is an Aboriginal community getting itself together after the biggest cyclone ever to hit Australia, you know, and it's had practically no outside help. I think some [residents] feel like this should be a great story, but nobody's listening."

I am writing a journal article for "Natural Hazards", concerning the evacuation of Warruwi community from this cyclone, but would very much like to include some of the events in Maningrida.

I would very much like you use your quote in my article, or any other information you may be wishing to contribute.

Any information you may be able to give would be of great value. I apologise that the timeline on this is very tight, unfortunately -I'm needing to submit the article by coming Monday.

My email address is

I'll be happy to send you the article so you can have a look.

Kevin Rennie said...

I'm happy for you to quote me and I'm happy to answer any questions by email.

Siri said...

Thanks, Kevin. How can I get hold of your email address?

At this point, I'm quoting you from SMH, but I would very much like to know more concerning the events the night Monica came through.

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