Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tony Abbott's Plans: Ahead to the Past

We are getting a clearer picture of Opposition policies under Tony Abbott. It's full steam ahead to the past, circa 2004 to 2007:

Work Choices Light
Global Warming Slack
Hospital Boards Slight
Medibank Private Fire Sale
Refugee Reject
The attacks on Kevin Rudd are cleverly crafted but contradiction ridden:
  • The government does nothing (but it does it too quickly and it's too grand).
  • The deficit is too high (but revenue raising Bills are routinely blocked in the Senate)
  • The stimulus spending is trivial and ineffective (but local Liberals will take credit for new classrooms in their electorates)
  • The PM gives long, complex answers (when simpleton solutions make better sound-bites).
Will we see a triumph of cliché over substance in this year's election? Populism over policy?

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