Sunday, February 14, 2010

Altona By-election Swing No Surprise

Serious followers of Victorian politics should not have been surprised by the double figure (12% with over 80% of the enrolled voters counted) swing against the Brumby Labor government in yesterday's Altona By-election.

The Liberal Opposition leader, Ted Baillieu, has worked the issues and the media with uncharacteristic energy and finesse over the summer (Vic Opposition Take a Summer Break from Their Lethargy). The outgoing member Lynne Kosky was seen as incompetent at best and her transport portfolio has been imploding for some time. The controversy surrounding violence against Indians (Australia: Indian Homicide Reignites Racism Ruckus) underlined law and order issues that are the daily headlines of the daily papers and TV news.

To top it off Federal Labor had its worst week in recent memory.

More in-depth analysis of the result and reactions to it later in the week.

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