Sunday, July 29, 2007

Andrews must go now!

Rather than waiting for the electorate to make the decision for him, Kevin Andrews should resign from Cabinet now!

There are only two possible interpretations of the Haneef case:

* Either a terrorist has been allowed to escape unpunished
* An innocent person has been hounded for political expediency

If we believe the government, everyone but the politicians have made a mistake. Whatever happened to ministerial responsibility and political accountability. After the debacle of the AWB when no-one was held to account, Howard knows the answer to that.

Demand Andrews' resignation now! Email:

Ruddock should join Andrews. Who is responsible for the Australian legal processes - someone else's problem no doubt. What does an Attorney General do these days?

It also seems that National Security briefings for the Opposition serve only to gag them. If the government can't refrain from verballing people in court, you can imagine how they spin their briefings.

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Capital Ideas Australia said...

Go get 'im! Either the guy is suffering from a severe mental disturbance causing extreme paranoia or he's an out-&-out fibber.
Either way he should should should should should hang up his steel-toed boots & leave us the hell alone. Ah, should.

Sarah said...

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