Tuesday, July 31, 2007


No.1: St. Kevin

According to 9's Today's Show poll this morning, 61% believe of respondents think that Kevin Rudd has more chance of going to heaven than John Howard.

No.2: Breaking Barnaby

I asked the other day where the Nationals are? It's been so long we could be forgiven for believing that Joyce is the name of the leader not Vaile. In fact I had to look up the spelling of Mark's surname. Anyway, Vaile appeared on Kerry-Anne's show today and displayed his whip-cracking skills. Watch out Barnaby! If anyone can find a video clip on the Web please use Comments to let us know.

No.3: The Shadow

It was great to find out who the shadow Federal Attorney General is? You'd have to have been an insider to have known before yesterday.

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