Thursday, July 26, 2007

Generic Johnny

I have always thought of John Howard as a kind of home brand politician - the cheap copy of the main players. His idols are clearly Churchill, Menzies and Bush jnr.

He is a warmonger because he sees that as statemanship Winston style. He couldn't copy Ming on this one - his WW2, Suez crisis and Vietnam records were too abysmal.

He is a cricket tragic in Menzies style except that Bob watched the MCG test each year. Howard's bowling is a real giveaway. Did he jog before Clinton made it popular for pollies?

Finally, he must admire George W's refusal to ever admit that he is wrong. Remember Johnny's assessment of our involvement in Iraq, "It will be months rather than years."

It is a pity that the generic version costs Australia so much.

I hope this post isn't seen as playing the man rather than the ball. Howard's motivation for his actions is not always clear but the results affect us all. The personal is political.

Today's thoughts were inspired by Tim Dunlop's Blog.Democracy "Happy Birthday, Happy Feet" at

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