Sunday, July 22, 2007

Magnetic personalities

Back from the Pilbara.

From looking at the quarry to stalking the political quarry again. Some reflections on the message and the medium:

The first political graffiti I remember was near the Balaclava train station in Melbourne attacking Bob Menzies. It was years before I learnt what pig-iron was. We just send the ore north these days. Railway bridges were the original plogs.

From the little we heard on ABC radio during our trip, it wasn’t a great week for our morally overdrawn Howard government. How many times do they expect to get away with cynically manipulating our legal and political processes. Why can’t I warm to Kevin Andrews? For some leftie perspectives on Kevin visit It is the year of the Kevins, just not this one.

From a cursory glance it appears that the PM’s vidcasting debut on YouTube was a classic case of shooting yourself in the foot while it's in your mouth. Apparently John is a 4-letter word for the Web generation. Some of the parodies are less than subtle but I am sure that we can laugh the Libs out of office. Click here for the latest killerspudly video “Search for a Scapegoat 3” and/or visit the Ozin30seconds website and vote for your favourite. Speaking of the coalition where are the Nationals these days? One WA candidate has been touting the global warming credentials of the Nats. You have to admire the gumption or is it just a case of being reality challenged.

You know there is an election around the corner when your local Federal Member sends all his electors a fridge calendar in mid-July. In this case it was the member for Kalgoorlie, Barry Haase. The main date on his mind must be election day. He’ll have to do better than soliciting votes and campaign workers with last year’s magnetic giveaways. Time’s up!

Watch this space tomorrow for the first Labor Badge competition winner. It’s time for you to enter.

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