Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Virtual Labor Badge Competition

It's Time Again

All good campaigns need a badge. Enter your version in the Labor Badge Competition by e-mailing me at kevin.rennie@bigpond.com. All legit entrants will receive a hard copy of the winning badge. If you want copyright please let me know as I'll post the best on this plog as I get them and Labor supporters can choose which ones to use in their e-mail, websites and blogs.

The It's Time Again badge was borrowed from a 1972 poster (Source: http://whitlamdismissal.com/images/) and edited in Word. (Use draw, group the layers and save as a picture.)

It's Time™ is the online e-magazine of the Whitlam Institute. To subscribe to this e-magazine, please email them at owner-whitlam-itstime@mail.uws.edu.au or visit http://www.whitlam.org/
I apologise if I have inadvertently infringed any of their copyrights or trademarks.

Closing date: Saturday 1 September (If Howard calls a snap election I'll change it.)

Winning entrant will receive a free meal at the restaurant of their choice in Broome. Travel not provided.

Please click on COMMENTS below to leave a message or read others' opinions.

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