Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dont' fall for it!

The media cannot have it both ways. Kim Beazley and Simon Crean were supposed to have no policies and be too similar to John Howard. There wasn't enough difference between the leaders and the parties. Beazley was too careful and cautious. Ironically, Latham was presented as too impetuous and erratic. He took too many chances and fell into the PM's traps too easily. He took radical positions such as the forests policy which were not vote winners. Presumably they want Kevin Rudd to commit political suicide.

Now even Howard is joining the tweedledee/tweedledum critics. On the one hand, he rants that we face the apocalypse with "madness" and "chaos" ahead of us if Labor's Industrial Relations policies are implemented. On the other we will have a Rudd government which will not change the fundamentals of the Australian consensus. Is Howard arguing that Rudd is just as sneaky as him? It is a dangerous game as Howard could add to the perception that Rudd is a safe alternative.

To return to my first post It's Overtime for a change the ALP has clear policies which not only differentiate it, but are the reasons why many of us do not want to stuff up this chance to elect a Labor government:

* The Iraq war
* Industrial Relations
* Global Warming
* Health
* Education
* Indigenous Affairs

This election is not about who can take the most tumbles or forget the most names.

If you feel that it's time for a change, please leave a COMMENT below.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The labour government is looking more like the libs everyday. I just pray that all this is a smoke screen until they get in power. I am very suprised to see Labours latest stance in Tassie on logging old growth. What a shocker. Lost complete faith in Peter Garett, I don't think he is upto the task.
Labours is trying to distance itself from unions which has been the life blood for all working australians.
Labours heart has hardend and so has mine of its.
Go greens.
Love the pic Kevin, maybe Maningrida reunion hey??
The barra man

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