Monday, March 3, 2008

Democrat Decision Day: Primary Reflections

Mixed Metaphors

I read an animal metaphor recently on the Huffington Post for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. She's the fox who knows lots of small things while he's the hedgehog who knows just one big thing. The micro politician being upstaged by the macro one.

My preferred metaphor is automotive.

Hillary as the second-hand station wagon. Reliable. Lots of miles on the clock and lots of baggage. And a passenger who used to do all the driving.

Barack is a brand new Four Wheel Drive/SUV. Low miles, in fact hardly run-in. Plenty of room for all those who want to get on board. Video display, GPS, good vision all round. Yet to go off road.

Both would go the distance.

The First Cut

The Toledo Blade's editorial was featured on Obama's website last week. Needless to say they were endorsing him:
Mr. Obama offers a breath of fresh air and new hope at a depressing time in the life of this nation. His selection would send an unmistakable signal to the world that America really may be living up to its promise of a just and truly pluralistic society.
It's not just the Blade's colourful name which bemused me. They qualified their support:
Again, this endorsement does not mark our final verdict for November. John McCain, the all-but-certain GOP nominee, is a far more admirable figure than George W. Bush, although his policies on the war and the economy merely mimic those of the incumbent.

We will be scrutinizing the candidates very carefully as the general election campaign progresses. But at this point we feel free to break with tradition and enthusiastically recommend that on Tuesday, Ohio Democrats cast their primary ballots for Barack Obama.
I suppose even equivocal endorsements are worth publicising. Who reads past the headline anyway.

Planet Hollywood

Speaking of endorsements, will Jack Nicholson's Youtube support for Hillary, Jack and Hill, trump Oprah Winfrey's earlier anointing of Barack? It's definitely Planet Hollywood. It has had 1,147,991 views in 2 days. Winning Ohio and Texas must be on Hillary's Bucket List.

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