Thursday, March 13, 2008

With friends like Ferraro and Power...

When there is little debate about policies, then catching out the campaign teams becomes the focus of the media. Some key players seem only too willing to be caught.

On the available evidence Samantha Power and Geraldine Ferraro both deserved to fall on their swords. Power was joining the chorus of tens of thousands of online comments making personal attacks on Clinton, the kind that are rare about Obama amongst Democrats.

There has been a lot of description in the media of the racial, gender, class and religious demographics for the primaries and caucuses. However they are dangerous territory for people in the political arena. There was plenty of discussion of Romney's membership of the Mormon church and Huckabee's evangelism. These echoed past debate about whether America would elect a Catholic or Jewish president. The slurs about Obama's middle name had obvious religious intent.

However, questions such as why do so many white middle class women support Barack are not politically correct apparently.

The best post I've seen about the divide within Democrat women is Come Together? Yes, We Can.: "We can be fed up with the media's treatment of Clinton and still vote for Obama. We can be inspired by Obama's promise and still vote for Clinton." Unfortunately such unity is not the spirit of the times.

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