Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hosts of Hillary haters

Everyone seems to like Barack Obama but the Hillary haters are legion. I've been trying to discover why. Sexism and even misogynism may explain some of it. For instance this attack regarding the recent TV ad:

I watched, transfixed, as she took the 3 a.m. call...and I was afraid...very afraid. Suddenly, I realized the last thing this country needs is that woman anywhere near a phone. I don't care if it's 3 a.m. or 10 p.m. or any other time. I don't want her talking to Putin, I don't want her talking to Kim Jong Il, I don't want her talking to my nephew. She needs a long rest. She needs to put on a sarong and some sun block and get away from things for a while, a nice beach somewhere -- somewhere far away, where there phones.
On the Red Phone, Larry David (Huffington Post 6 March 2008)
Perhaps Bill Clinton's patchy record resounds with many. If so there is a lot of irony in the use of "that woman" in these remarks.

Is this the same Hillary Clinton we find in this endorsement of her by Natalie Portman:
I also like Obama. I even like McCain. I disagree with his war stance--which is a really big deal--but I think he's a very moral person. I met him and Hillary on the same day, actually, when I went to Washington with Finca [a nonprofit that gives loans to businesswomen in developing countries]. Hillary was by far the smartest person I met that day. Just totally focused, and knew more about the issues than anyone else, and was so able to go from one thing to the other.
THE NATURAL (Elle April 2008)
The extract on Huffington Post is headed "Natalie Portman defends Hillary Clinton". "Defends" not "praises".

The use of language is everything in politics: realist v cynic, vocal v carping, pragmatic v unprincipled, passionate v volatile, thoughtful v cunning, focussed v obsessive, compromise v sellout, ambitious v power hungry, strong v aggressive, flexible v erratic, mature v post menopausal. The last one I took from the comments on Larry David's post.

The personal attacks on Hillary often rely on emotive language: scary, crazy, insane, traitor, fanatical and more topically monster. This was just a quick sample from comments on the more liberal blogs.

These words come to mind to describe some of her critics: aggressive, cynical, volatile, obsessive and carping. I will not question their sanity.

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USpace said...

Firing Powers was a mistake, Obama has shown himself to be subservient to the PIAPS.
Great post. Obama’s aide was right. Hillary is a monster. Of course not the same kind of monster as Hitler, Mao or Stalin, but a monster nonetheless.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't call monsters monsters

never expose their evil
never upset a monster

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
claim to care for people

call yourself progressive
your policies hurt poor folk

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
elect women presidents

who cover for their husbands
who rape other women

if you’re MAD
punish your country
VOTE for Hillary


Go here and watch ‘The Hillary Show’ with Howard Dean. It’s Hillarious!


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