Friday, March 7, 2008

Online Video for Political Junkies

Some sites for those can’t get enough online video or political coverage. There is plenty of quality stuff around without having to crawl through the home movies on YouTube.

Al Gore’s online, Current TV. They sometimes pay for clips for their own cable and satellite channel. It's an open service where you can download your own contributions.

From the Washington Post/Newsweek stable, comes Slate V. It’s part of Slate online, a daily web magazine covering “politics, news and culture”. They pick the "best" videos.

GoLeft TV has a news service and a range of documentaries. Its politics are very liberal, in the traditional sense of the word. There is a limited selection of about 700 videos.

Please add any others in Comments.

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Rat2 said...

Did you ever get the link to my video of Kevin Rudd, Peter Garret, and Brendan Nelson breakdancing in the new spirit of bipartisanship? It's a cracker! Here's the link...

Kevin Rennie said...

I did. Thanks.

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