Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Great Presidential Race

Two versions. The first on Teachertube which is not blocked by educational authorities. The second, on Youtube now has sound.

It's a strange kind of democracy but it makes for great spectator sport. the great race for the Democratic nomination continues despite the pundits. Media commentators, psephologists, political observers and poll junkies in general have been quick to write off Hillary Clinton. Barracking for Barack can cloud your judgment.

I'm in minority who believe that this prolonged primary season could be good for the Democrats. Both candidates need to be tested before they take on the ruthless Republicans (now who's barracking). The dirt will certainly fly. We will also be presented with a rosy rewriting of history, specially the Iraq war.

I support both Barack and Hillary. New leadership which is concerned for working families. It was a familiar tune in last year's Australian elections.

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