Thursday, March 20, 2008

US Ambassador's visit makes Page 4 in Broome

Don't mention the war!

John wHoward and Alexander Downer have sneaked in and out of Broome while we've been living here. It was the US Ambassador Robert McCallum's turn last week. According to the Broome Advertiser: "a small media contingent gathered at Notre Dame [University] to quiz the ambassador on a range of issues." Naturally no citizen journalists were invited.

The results of the quiz were less that cutting edge. He's for trade and tourism, against global warming, and neutral about gas projects in the Kimberley. It seems that Basil Fawlty wasn't there to mention the war.

It goes without saying that his qualification for the job was that he was a College mate of George W. He has to resign next January so the holiday's almost over. I wonder which mate of Barack's will visit next time.

Apart from a few Uni students and the every vigilant press, the visit passed unnoticed. Even the Advertiser put it as the the second story on page 4. Even the Shire President was out of town on other business.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see the Japanese Ambassador visit Broome. The outrageous behaviour of Japanese company Inpex in trying to buy off Aboriginals so it can rape and plunder the Maret Islands (and other unspoiled parts of The Kimberley) for a 1500 hectare Liquid Natural Gas plant would make for interesting conversation. Lets hope Peter Garrett has the balls to standup to the WA State Government and follow through with Federal legislation to protect the area from this sort of rampant destruction by offshore whale killers.

Unknown said...

According to the Broome Advertiser the ambassador "declined to offer an opinion on controversial gas projects in the Kimberley".

Anonymous said...

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