Monday, October 6, 2008

Americans more popular than their country

The Pew Research Center has conducted a survey of attitudes to the U.S. by foreigners. The answer seems to be : they don't hate Americans just their government.According to Pew:

The American people continue to be viewed more positively than their country, with majorities in 14 of 23 countries having a favorable opinion of Americans, including at least 70% of those surveyed by Pew in South Korea, Lebanon, Poland and Britain. By comparison, only eight countries have a favorable opinion of the United States.
14 of 23 - American People Are More Popular Than the U.S.
46% of Australians surveyed have a positive view of the U.S. with two thirds positive about Americans.

The 35% favorable opinion for the U.S. of the 23 countries polled, is probably higher than George W. Bush's own rating at home.

For bloggers' views about the U.S from around the world, please visit Voices without Votes.

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Dina Roberts said...

What's the deal with Poland?

I think I feel the same way as people in the polls.

I've become a bit anti-America. I don't like our current government. It scares me. I'm embarrassed to be from America. I really have no pride right now.

But I do like my fellow Americans for the most part--and no, not just because I'm one of them. It's just every time I'm feeling very Anti-America, I think of certain Americans and think "Well, he/she is really we're not all bad after all."

Kevin Rennie said...

It is easy to generalise about a government as it has specific policies and record of action. There are also recurring patterns and predilections over time and across govts. It's a bit harder to stereotype 300 million people who are as different as Obama and Palin. At a cultural/social level there are many Americas and Americans. Just like Australia.

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