Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's good for the goose: McCain's good friend Gordon

My remarks yesterday on my Voices without Votes post were prophetic:

Closer to home, a TV blog in Australia, TVtonight, is bemused by John McCain's decision to snub David Letterman's talk show. Nothing worse than a media star scorned.
Pay back was a question to McCain about his connection with G. Gordon Liddy, one time jailed Watergate burglar and recent advocate of political violence. Media Matters accuse the rest of the mainstream media of double standards by ignoring this relationship but pushing the Obama/Bill Ayers connection:
Liddy has held a fundraiser for McCain at his home and describes the Arizona senator as an "old friend"; McCain has said he is "proud" of Liddy.

Imagine for a moment that Barack Obama had said he was "proud" of an "old friend" who urged people to shoot law-enforcement agents in the head. Do you think maybe he would have been asked a question or three about it? Do you think maybe there would have been more than the occasional passing mention in the news of the relationship? Of course there would have been.

Yet McCain hasn't been questioned about Liddy. The media have largely ignored the relationship, even while working themselves into a frenzy about Obama and Ayers. McCain's relationship with Liddy is obviously newsworthy in its own right, but coupled with his attacks on Obama over Ayers, it's a textbook case of hypocrisy -- exactly the sort of thing that political reporters supposedly drool over. But not when it's John McCain. When it's John McCain, the nation's leading news organizations band together in what is, in effect, a blackout of information that could be damaging to their longtime favorite.

Until last night, when McCain was finally asked, point-blank, about his relationship to Liddy and the similarities between that relationship and the Obama-Ayers relationship he has attacked so harshly.
Media Matters: Loose ends (Country Fair 17 October 2008)
They rightly question this apparent hypocrisy and document the lack of follow-up to David Letterman's solo effort. It seems war heroes can keep any company they like.

What's good for the goose...

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