Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Washington Post-ABC Tracking Poll

There is a new tracking poll from the Washington Post-ABC News. It's just into its second day. More good news for Obama:

Barack Obama is up 11 points on John McCain among likely voters in the new Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll, 54 to 43 percent.
...Two in 10 independent voters said they are more inclined to vote for Obama because of Powell's backing; 4 percent said they were nudged the other way.
This Race Goes to 11 - Powell Helps with Indies
A graphic from the same article:

It seems that George W. Bush is a continuing anchor for John McCain but Barack Obama is overcoming the problem of inexperience. Perhaps his incredibly high media profile over the last year has added to perceptions of him as a national figure of stature.

Increasingly commentators are talking about what an Obama government will mean for foreign affairs and the economy. Doubtless many supporters outside America, and inside for that matter, will be demanding real progress in the Middle East and other areas of failed U.S. policy within a short time?

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