Friday, September 28, 2007

Campaign casualties

It's hard to find a metaphor that isn't a sports cliche to describe Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard on the Today Show this morning. After months of them eyeing each another (they both can kill with a glance or charm when they choose to) and low key good humour, the gloves were off. Both didn't want to be seen politicising the problems in New South Wales public hospital casualty departments and said they wouldn't. That would be bad politics. It didn't last long.

In a sharp exchange Julia blamed it on the inability of Federal and State governments to work together. Tony blamed State governments. It was Abbott at his best (or worst depending on your bias). He accused Gillard of lying several times and told her to stop her verbal diarrhoea. If this is the phoney war, the Friday morning exchanges between these two will be blood sport.

Meanwhile it looks like it might be No.12 of the 12 possible reasons why John Howard hasn’t called the election yet. The Australian seems to think that the PM is bogged down in Bennelong, while Rudd tours the nation.
For more:Homework for Howard as rival ranges free(28 September 2007)

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