Tuesday, September 11, 2007

With friends like these

Just watching ABC coverage of the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's address to today's joint sitting of the Federal parliament. Two comments which must have caused John Howard more discomfort:

Firstly he joked about the Canadian Senate where Senators, who are not elected, do not have to retire until 75 but have passed their use by date.

But he drew a laugh when he complained that Canadian senators could remain in their positions until they were 75, with Mr Howard's age being subject to scrutiny since he turned 68 two months ago.

Secondly, he warned that governments have become "complacent" about their economies. His comments are a two-edged sword:
"I believe that one of the great dangers facing both of our countries is complacency about our economy - complacency because many of our citizens have long forgotten or have never experienced economic recession.

"But we cannot take this prosperity for granted."
(Canadian PM warns Aussies on the economy, The Age 11 September 2007)

Sound familiar?!

Without any sense of irony Peter Costello quoted Harper in question time. It isn't the government who are complacent. It 's the voters if they elect Rudd.

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