Thursday, September 13, 2007

Couldn't lie straight in bed!

John Howard, being honest with the Australian people:

But I would expect well into my term, and after those things have been implemented and battered down, I would probably, certainly form the view well into my term, that it makes sense for me to retire, and in those circumstances, I would expect, although it would be a matter for the Party to determine if Peter would take over.
(ABC 7.30 Report 12 September 2007)

He has "important" things to accomplish. One of those is beating Menzies record as PM. That would mean another election win after this one. He thinks he's sneaky enough to engineer that. Something will turn up or be manufactured. Only has to destabilise Kevin Rudd and most of his own loyal front bench.

As usual the mass media weren't listening closely or fell for his so-called honesty.

After the last week's low farce, more voters will now have an exit strategy for Howard. I suppose if you were a Costello supporter you'd be hoping for a narrow coalition victory with Howard losing Bennelong. Might be worth a bet - should be good odds of the double. Probably the only way Peter will ever be Prime Minister.

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robynne said...

Just another 'non-core' promise from the master of 'weasel words'.

Let's hope that the electorate has woken up to this pathological liar.

Anonymous said...

Video that Howard doesn't want Australians to see.

Please, can you include a link to the YouTube video at and send a link to everyone you know.

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