Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Howard Exit Strategy #2

Even Paul Kelly is questioning whether Howard should leave before he is thrown out. He wrote yesterday

If Liberals fear oblivion, John Howard must reassess whether he is the best leader for the party.
...if the Liberal Party really believes the election is lost, then Howard must consider his responsibility as leader. He needs, at least, to re-examine his position and decide whether its logic remains valid.
(Risk of Annihilation, The Australian 4 September 2007)

John Howard has had plenty of opportunities to leave with his dignity intact. He cannot resign now because that would guarantee defeat. It would probably be the end of Peter Costello's ambitions as well.

We can expect the usual mix of Howard electioneering. Lots of targeted spending promises. Tax cuts for swinging voters. Fear and loathing against all the usual suspects like unions and anti-Australian elements (code for Muslims and young activists). And of course a prayer that something will turn up. If it doesn't, then they will manufacture another children overboard.

Listening to Mark Vaile after he met Bush this morning, it was obvious that the Deputy PM should join his boss and find an exit strategy. The National party have become a joke. Unless of course you're in the racing industry. In the West they are running ads asking people to complain about Telstra's Next G network. Anyone would think they hadn't betrayed the bush by selling it.

The exit strategy for our troops in Iraq is the same one for the tired coalition ministry. It is in the hands of the voters.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, it's Kieran from the Monash ALP Club. Great blog! I made a bet with someone the other day that Howard would lose his seat to Maxine McKew, it would be wonderful! I hope that is his exit strategy - a humiliating defeat in the seat he has held for 33 years. I don't think he'll leave voluntarily, he's hanging on to the job like grim death

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