Saturday, September 1, 2007

Exit Strategy For Howard Government

Howard to exit in “months not years”
George Bush has an exit strategy for Australian troops in Iraq. By advocating Howard’s re-election, he is helping to make sure that little Johnny will be another casualty – collateral damage.

Bush’s attempt at bullying Kevin Rudd and by implication Australian public opinion will not work again. When Rudd speaks of “we” he is talking about a sizeable majority of voters.

It’s ‘déjà vu writ large. Three years ago just before the election we were told that conditions were improving “on the ground”. We had to stay the course. Now the surge is working. Trust the generals and the failed political leaders in Washington, Canberra (or is that Sydney?) and Baghdad.

Now we face the ultimate spin. Our conundrum: We have to stay in Iraq because we may be winning and it’s only a matter of time. Or alternatively things are so bad that if we leave it will be a disaster for the world, not just Iraqis.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How nauseating to watch the grovelling shrub, agreeing with the loonie on all and sundry, turning this country into a de-facto state of the USA. Agreeing to join a Nuklar club, and agreeing that the only way to combat global warming(the great deniers obviously fail to see the irony) is to have wall to wall Nuklar power stations to "save the planet".
Now pardon me while I throw up.

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