Monday, September 10, 2007

What goes around...

It's so refreshing to read headlines about leadership speculation and know it's not the ALP. The blame game has started early.

It's not just Howard. What about the rest of the front bench? We have:

* harping Alexander Downer with his bitter attacks on Kevin Rudd,
* cringing Tony Abbott who seems intimidated by Julia Gillard,
* missing Philip Ruddock who seems all at sea for a change,
* blunt/blunted Nelson who is hoping for a surge of his own,
* awkward Kevin Andrews who is lying low and letting employers do all the talking
* joker Joe Hockey who thinks he's on 'Thank god you're here' whenever he sees a microphone.

I suppose they makes Peter Costello's smirk look good.

3 predictions:

* Howard will cling to power as long as he can.
* Mark Vaile doesn't have the guts to raise Howard's performance at Cabinet or anywhere else. In fact his is even more dismal.
* Costello will never be PM.

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robynne said...

Therein lies the Liebrals problem. A front bench stacked to the rafters with rodent acolytes who between them all have not had one ORIGINAL idea. They just march in lockstep with their elderly leader, not one of them with an iota of courage to even dare to disagree with this nasty old man.
And I totally concur with your three predictions
* Hyacinth believes that she is the rightfull owner of Kirrabilli
*Vaille's involvement in the AWB scandal and the protection he received puts him in a "shut up" and cop it sweet situation
*Sneaky Pete is a gutless dropkick, and deserves everything he never gets.

Sarah said...

I hope Howard clings to power, I want this election to be an unforgettable thrashing.

robynne said...

And we now feel really relaxed and comfortable, secure in the knowledege that, having consulted the family, the rodent will stay to fight the battle.The 'I will stay as long as my party wants me' has been chucked out the gate, given that the family have become so accustomed to the priveledges of high office they will hang on no matter what.At no stage in the last 24 hours has he mentioned the voters, and their best interests.
His peers wish he would go away, but arrogance and self interest will ensure that he stays. Selfish little man, so full of himself.
Amen, sarah, we all look forward to his demise.

Anonymous said...

Labor should sick to policies and start on the lib team.Lord Downer,mad monk abbott,nelson,rudduck,andrews,hockey boy,capt. smirk,coonan's stuff up with telstra b/band,bishop's flip floping,AWb,AWA,tampa,iraq and Nuclear energy (RON and co.)needs to come to the front line.WE need to remove these war mungers.Howard wants us to give him a chance to plan for the future? What have they done in 11+ years, if they still need time to plan.

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