Thursday, August 9, 2007

American liberals: a different rose

After the Hiroshima day badge, it is time to remind ourselves that the U.S. is a very pluralist place, where liberal is used by conservatives as an insult, a bit like left-wing in Australia. So today a link worth bookmarking.

The Huffington Post

If you haven't caught up with this progressive site with news and provocative blogs, now is the time. A sample from Richard Eyers: How to lose a war, 7 August 07

We have experienced this before, of course. Vietnam. Yes, the United States was defeated, whipped, driven out in a humiliating manner. But in the years afterwards, the politicians and rulers slowly, relentlessly, built their case, built their edifice of lies and deceptions. At first it was simply a comment that, "We won't be having another Vietnam," a tacit admission that it was a defeat. But then over the years the myths were built up. We could have won except for the cowardly politicians. We would have won except for the antiwar movement that was mean to the poor G.I.'s and spat on them. We actually did win but the liberal media never let us know....But the new disaster demands that we revisit the lessons of Vietnam and now of Iraq. If we had properly faced the lessons of Vietnam, the US would not be bogged down in Iraq.

John Howard has a sense of history. As I've mentioned before he still thinks he and the Liberal government of the time were right about the Vietnam war. He is winning the Iraq war too, of course. He's never wrong and he's never sorry. His new History curriculum for schools will no doubt contain the revisionist version of both wars if he wins the election. It's time the electorate made some history. Make Howard history!

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