Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Constitutional vandal

Howard the populist! I wrote the other day that we need a sense of history in these times. While those with mortgages and credit cards wait to find out if interest rates will rise today, tricky John is trying another diversion. Plebiscites for proposed local council amalgamations in Queensland. It's like asking people if they want tax increases.

In the early 1980's the Cain Labor government tried comprehensive consultation about amalgamations and abandoned the process following one hostile town hall meeting after another. In opposition Jeff Kennett promised no forced amalgamations. As soon as he was elected he amalgamated every local government area except Queenscliff! Plebiscites? Consultation? Forget it!

Howard used to be a constitutional conservative. With the exception of the monarchy he is now a constitutional vandal, meddling wherever and whenever he can take a short term political advantage or make a grab for power.

News Extra: Rate rise we had to have

The Reserve Bank have buried the coalition. My advice for Howard: invade Queensland while you still have time.

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Anonymous said...

Howards behaviour in regard to the states has all the hallmarks of desparation. He is actually accusing the electorate(who no doubt have become "the mob") of being utterly stupid.And as he jack boots over state rights he may well awaken the sleeping giant of apathy that has for 11 long years afflicted the electorate.

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