Friday, August 24, 2007

Howard's Never Never Energy Policy

We have waited 11 years for an energy policy from the Howard government. Their procrastination about renewable energy and carbon emissions and trading has now spread to their preferred solution - Nuclear Power. We will now wait for plebiscites some time in the never never.

John Howard knows that referenda nearly always get a NO answer. Who is going to vote for a nuclear reactor when everyone is already opposed to taking low level waste in their area. Howard thinks it won't happen for ten years. Is he suggesting ten years of planning and investment that can be scuttled as easily as a Queensland Council amalgamation. Costello commented that it wouldn't happen in his political life. What is he trying to tell us about his retirement plans? Thought he would wait forever for the top job.

Meanwhile wind power projects are being cancelled and the technology companies are leaving Australia (Herald Sun 23/08/07). Somewhere over the rainbow, if I can mix my metaphors!

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