Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aspiring Nationalism #1

John Howard shared his vision yesterday in Australia rising to a better future:

"My government is committed to protecting the national interest and ensuring Australia remains an anchor of peace, stability and prosperity in a turbulent world."

This follows his decision to sell uranium to India despite their refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and their intention to push on with expanding their nuclear weapons. It will be no surprise when the military government of Pakistan responds in kind.

If you who missed the SBS Dateline interview with Imran Khan the full transcript and video are essential reading. A sample:
"What is going to happen is that in the Generals will use this as a threat, India is getting stronger, so they have to have balance of power, more money will be spelt on arms, not on our human beings."

For another important interview visit the PostGlobal discussion with Taliban expert Ahmed Rashid: Bush didn’t listen
"Ahmed hopes the U.S. will start listening to people like him and take a long view in their engagement with Pakistan and Afghanistan, beyond the current 'War on Terror.' Otherwise, Ahmed says, history will keep catching up with the U.S., especially if the Americans in charge ignore it."

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