Monday, August 20, 2007

History lessons

The Scoresgate scandal adds a new dimension to Kevin Rudd. He was obviously making a bid for the youth vote - the nightclubbers. Shame! Shame! How would Harold Holt, John Gorton or Bob Hawke have ever been elected if they had stayed out late at questionable locales (or is it locals). Mind you Gorton’s famous episode was as Prime Minister at the American embassy in Canberra. At least Malcolm Fraser didn’t lose his trousers until he had lost government.

It might good to see a lighter side to both Kevin07 and current politics. However, we would be better served if 10% of media time on this issue had been spent dicussing Australia's uranium sales to India or the precarious political situation in that region. This is an issue where there is a clear difference between Labor and the Coalition.

When the BBC interviewed George W Bush about his foreign policy before the 2000 Presidential election campaign, he was asked the names of the Indian PM and the Pakistan President. The closest he got was that one was a general. He has been on a fast learning curve since September 2001.

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