Monday, August 6, 2007

The blame game

Whatever happened to the cooperative Federalism Howard has been promoting for several years? The PM surrounded by smiling Premiers, solving the nations problems together. He said he could work with the Labor States better than Federal Labor.

We didn't need leaked Liberal Party polling to figure out that the Mersey Hospital, sending the army into the NT communities and house prices attacks are part of an deliberate strategy. If you can't beat Rudd, stick the wedge into the States. Must be an election coming!

I went to Windjana Gorge for the weekend so I missed the detail about the government's anti-States ads blaming them for future interest rate rises. Who is paying for the ads? Seems anything goes these days at a Federal level. It is okay for Federal parliamentarians such as the member for Kalgoorlie Barry Haase to abuse their printing and postage allowances. His recent mail-out included an invitation to join his re-election campaign. A little research revealed that Howard changed the rules in 2004 to allow pollies to use their allowances on their own election campaigns. This is not a trival issue as the annual expenditures run as high as half a million for some MP's. Ironically Western Australian State laws are much tougher on the use of public funds for political propaganda purposes.

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Anonymous said...

I was most impressed to hear on the radio today that Labor will slash these dodgy postal allowances, brought in by no less than the special Minister for State(irony abounds) Gary Nairn. The same bloke who is shamelessly pork barrelling the seat of Eden Monaro and may yet become embroiled in a constitutional challenge with NSW Govt over his interference in a State matter.

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