Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I fish and I vote!

Apparently Mal Brough has changed his legislation banning alcohol in indigenous communities to allow grog on boats when people are fishing. It was at the request of the NT government. Presumably aboriginal people will be able to enjoy this privilege too. Who said they were making it up as they go along.
For more: Drinking Allowed

If you're not outraged by the total absence of time for parliament to look at the new legislation then you're visiting the wrong plog. It smacks of the way Bush had the Patriot Act passed in the U.S. Congress without anyone reading it first.

Do as I say!

Workplace ad pulled over bad boss claim

You have to admire Joe Hockey's sense of humour, announcing an emergency review of the background of all actors involved in the Work Choices ads. Where will he stop? The Liberal Party's ad agency for the election? Government advertising? There must be a cast of thousands given the endless stream of campaign propaganda in the media.

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