Thursday, August 23, 2007

YouTube Odd Spots

#1 After John Howard

Laborview's first venture into vidcast home production. Who will be the next Liberal Prime Minister? Only 10 seconds but from little things...

#2 Internet filters: Safe Eyes

Logged onto the Australian government site NetAlert to checkout their Web censor. There are two commercial programs to choose. Safe Eyes is the only one which works on Macs so I downloaded it for a trial. ★★★ for usability. Luddites will have some problems downloading and applying settings.

Registered as Casanova and tried it out. It allowed you to open YouTube and blocked some fairly innocuous bikini dancers. Put in a Search for "John Howard" but this was blocked. All other offensive searches were also blocked. The program apparently does not block internet games or social networking but stops chat rooms. Lost interest quickly and uninstalled.

For my thoughts on Internet filtering see: Internet Lights
or an extended version at On Line Opinion

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