Monday, August 27, 2007


Protecting our borders?

Is anyone in the media going to question the government about how well we are protecting our borders against disease? For a start who is responsible for quarantine? Hopefully not Peter McGauran.

Galaxy Poll

57% 43% Too good to be true. We can look forward to a season of back-flips (flip-flops seems to be out of vogue since Kim resigned as leader.) See next item.

Pulp fact

A cynic might suggest that Malcolm is a bit worried about losing his seat. Would put a dent in his leadership ambitions:

ENVIRONMENT Minister Malcolm Turnbull has for the first time declared he is "not unsympathetic" to calls for Gunns Ltd's controversial Tasmanian pulp mill to be shifted to a less-sensitive site. (The Australian 27 August 2007)

Sydney centric

It is amazing how important Tasmania becomes once ever three years. I was going to say in Canberra but of course federal government headquarters are well and truly in Sydney. And APEC is about to shut down everything, especially rational thought. Hope the police horses are ready in time.

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