Monday, August 13, 2007


You would think that this vidcast "It's the Fairness, stupid" was made in Australia by the Rudd campaign. According to the credits it's from the Rockridge Institute, a progressive group in the U.S. It was placed on YouTube by an Australian who presumably gave it that apt title.

Sound familiar:

A society based on a fair go for all that extends the warm hand of compassion
A society where mum and dad will get a fair go at work
...and have their rights protected at work
Time for a change
Time for a society and a government with a heart

They might be cliches but I'd settle for some of these labor traditional values for a change.

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Anonymous said...

Australia needs to concentrate on not stressing out I believe. Name a policy change that has actually encouraged people to take some time out and not stress. The french have decreased its hours at work. Work choices have encourage people to work more to pay off more debt. I think that is a winner idea for the labour govenment. Great website Kevin!!!

Shazza 4 Kalgoorlie 07 said...

Yep I agree - Great Website Kevin!

Where can I donate to the campaign to have a member of the next government as our representative in Kalgoorlie?

Who knows, Labor could end up losing seats in Perth with Kalgoorlie the dark horse that saves the day...

We should be seeing Shazza on the TV now.

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